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Society goals

the arab countries both costumers and decision makers are facing many challenges in adopting RE in  their Energy Poilices such as low awareness and lack of know how .Despite the energy map target of10%-20% of the total energy demand from RE by 2020 , the potentials and benefites of RE are still not well recognized . the future arab renewable energy commision (AREC) which was announced and prompted by Jordan Renewable Energy Society (JRES) during the recent Global Green Technologies Forum 2010 is intended to work toward facilitating and promoting the culture of RE and will support the development of use of RE in all ways of life .

the proper use of energy with main dependance on RE and EE will contribute to the reduction to greenhouse effects . it is to of paramount importance to concentrate more on green cultures , green economies, green energies , green generation and green buildings" the 6Gs" with smart solutions of EWE grid solution.      
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