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Functional Structure

Board of Trustees of the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society

His Royal Highness Prince Asem Ben Nayef chairman of the board of trustees ,
 :and the membership of

 HE Former Prime Minister Adnan Badran
HE Sharifa Nour Bent Nasser 
HE Dr.Jawad Al anani 
HE Dr.Hatem Alhalawani 
HE Dr. Esam Alrawabdeh 
HE Dr. Nael Raja Alkabareeti 
HE Dr. Abed Alraheem Alhunaiti 
HE Dr.Vecor Bellah 
HE Dr. Rauf AlDabbas 
HE Eng.Bassem Farraj  
HE Mr. Mohammad Younes Al-Taani  ((Secretary))

the board of trustees the auspices of the assembly and support, advice and guidance to the governing body in order to ensure contenuation of its work, achieving goals and objectives established for it , through the preperation of strategic plans and programs necessary  for the assembly, and invitations to both internal and external to obtain the support of the assembly to be able to achieve its objectives.  

Board of Directors of Jordanian Renewable Energy Society





HRH Price Asem Ben Nayef


Vice chairman

Eng.Jamal Abu obaid



 Dr.Monther Obaid



 Eng. Michelle Nicola Nassar



Mr.Mohammed Y.Taani



 Eng.Yussef Altarawneh



Mr.Zaid Alootom



Eng. Khaled Al-Zoubi



Eng. Raed Samara



Eng. Mohammad Al-Hammouri



Mr. Kamel Al-Dagamseh



Ms. Taif Al-Awamleh


 General Manager

Eng. Mohammad N Al-Taani


HRH Prince Asem Bin Nayef (JRES Chairman)

Dr. Saleh Rsheidat (JRES Vice Chairman - Board of Trustees)

Eng. Jamal Abu Obeid (JRES Vice Chairman - Board of Directors)


Staff Biographies 

Eng. Mohammad Al-Taani (General Manager)


Eng. Mohammed Al Taani is the general manager of Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES) & general manager of Arab Renewable Energy Commission  (AREC). He is the founder of both JRES & AREC. He was working in the field of Renewable Energy since 1988 (Solar PV &Green Building) as a Project manager and researcher and published more than 25 papers. From 1999-2007, he was the project manager for the Renewable Energy in King Abdullah the Second Design & Development Bureau (KADDB). In 2002 he was the Project manager for the Jordanian Solar Car & Zero fossil Fuel House (Eco House for KADDB) . He was the Vice Director of Energy Center in Jordan University from 2007 until 2008 where he was working as the founder of this center. Also now he is Chairman of Renewable energy committee in Jordan Institution for Standards & Metrology , Ambassador of the DONG energy solar challenge events in the middle-east countries (World Cup for Solar Powered Boats). Also he is a member in the board of directors of renewable energy center in Philadephia university.





Ms. Nour Dweik (Manager Assistant)


Nour Dweik studied Computer Science in the University of Jordan, and graduated in 2011. She has been working in the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society since Mar,2012 as a manager assistant and helped coordinating school visits and keeping JRES members up-to-date about all the Renewable Energy News and events that JRES received.



Mrs. Huda Ghieth (Accountant)
Huda Ghieth studied at the University of Jordan and working in the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society since April,2011. She has been coordinating financial and accounting affairs in JRES since then.


Mr. Hussein Telfah (Accountant and Public Relations)

Hussein Telfah was working in the royal jordanian air force, and after retirement, specifically in June, he was the first 3-months-volunteer in the Jordanian Renewable energy society. Now he`s an official employee in JRES head quarter in abu nseir. 

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